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A functional plumbing system is essential for a professional work environment. Our team offers installation, maintenance and repair services for blocked drains, leaky taps or pipes, hot water service/replacement, new bathroom plumbing and renovation projects for your commercial site.

We can handle any type of emergency repair work, from blocked industrial drainage to burst pipes and metal roofing problems. In commercial plumbing situations it is vital to call an experienced plumber as the potential liability for sewerage contamination or burst piping in a commercial or office environment can be considerable. 


  • Periodical Maintenance & Service

  • Clearing Blocked sewer & storm water drains

  • Cleaning grease lines & trade waste systems

  • Commercial water storage & water saving systems designed & installed

  • CCTV drainage inspection

  • Hot water repairs and maintenance

  • Pump and valve repairs and maintenance

  • Installation, testing & reporting on backflow prevention and RPZ valves

  • Metal roofing/ gutter

If it’s not already listed here, call our friendly team and ask if we can assist.

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